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actress with shaved head - The Sexy Bald II

In this movies The Sexy Bald & The Sexy Bald II. actress Nan Prangwalai Thepsatorn shaved forcibly.

Nan Prangwalai Thepsatorn
This girl is an actress from Thailand. Her name in her native language is ปรางค์วลัย เทพสาธร.
She shaved her name for a movie called อีโล้นซ่าส (which apparently translates as “The Sexy Bald”). It appears to be a thriller of some sort about a woman who is kidnapped by a criminal gang who shave her head. It isn’t a porn (or, soft-porn) movie as far as I can tell.



(courtesy - ipcress5 of contrast group has posted about actress' details mentioned above in tatoox forum)

i've completed the download of this movie The Sexy Bald II. could find the torrent of that movie.  this movie is just like the story line of chinese movie bald headed betty. the prostitution brokers would shave her forcibly by scissor & clipper. then would forcibly involve her in prostitution.  2 actresses with shaved head (clipper shave only & not smooth shaved) & 1 actress with buzzcut & flat top look in various scenes. h-s scene just few seconds only. won't show complete coverage of h-s. just the villain group including 3-4 ladies would cut her hair with scissor & later clipper shave. both actresses' headshave scene is like that.

refer the previous entry of Bald  Beauty chinese movie. i could find that movie torrent too & reached 98%. i could find 1 torrent website for asian movies download. i could find "temptation of a monk" - japanese movie, "street of fury" - korean movie. downloading these movies.



Hi - Can you share the torrent site where you got the torrent links of these asian movies - I would like to download them as well. Thanks.


All of these have torrents only for Sexy Bald 2 - Can you pass on the site where you got torrents for "Street of fury" and "The Bald Beauty" (Chinese movie)

read the request above. the fellow asked torrent site & i'd given. but thats the best way to get full movie.

for to get the bald beauty movie u can get it in so many chinese video sharing sites as part of small clips.


checkout the 1st link above. thats for asian movies torrent download.
& i've to say 1 thing. except bald beauty & the thai movie sexy bald, other movies has no seeds & peers.

i'm trying temptation of a monk (i got 3 torrent links from various sites) & street of fury. i believe i can complete the download of temptation of a monk, but can't finish the download of street of fury. no seeds. only leechers

street of fury

temptation of a monk

Bald beauty
(rmvb format, can preview the sample pics of video quality)

Bald Beauty.
(all BT..... links r torrents. u can download any 1. rmvb format)

or this 1

Bald Beauty.


Thanks a lot for the torrent links. You rock !!

oops it seems v'e have to download all 23 parts. i was tried 22d part only. just 45 min.


Hey can you give me a link for a the headshave from movie 'Bald headed betty'..thanks..

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