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Slave shave

Not remember i've posted her 1st shave here or not. the 2nd shave of her

need premium membership of filemonster.. thro' free download you can download 4-5 parts of zip files.

I must be posted this video.. sorry i can't check.

Marina's another video.



Tried downloading it

I tried downloading this file

and for some reason after i download all the extraction file it came up not working, did you happen to download successfully and are you able to upload it to rapidshare for those of us who werent able to get it

Re: Tried downloading it

So funny.. I too faced the same problem.

downloaded 2-3 times.. couldn't extract.. but this is the solution.
thanks to apache..


If you are using windows and you want to extract the marina files downloaded free from filesmonster you need to do this first.

Using a dos window (command prompt) navigate to the directory where the two marina files are located and run this command:

copy /b marinatemp.rar

Then just use winrar or 7zip to extract marinatemp.rar that was created by above command.

**Remember with Free downloads at Filesmonster you must download all file parts with the same IP address.

That means if you have dynamic IP assignment by your ISP and you get cut off or switch your modem off on purpose (to beat the 42 minute wait limit) most likely you will have a new IP address and then you will have to download ALL parts again.


Re: Tried downloading it

that is a huge amount of work, is not easy enough for someone to upload it to or rapishare?

Re: Tried downloading it

for that too.. have to download this video from filemonstr 1st.

i'm also facing same problem..

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